Resistance in Portland Continues With Police Association Torched A Second Time

Published August 10, 2020

Resistance in Porlnad Continues With Police Association Torched A Second Time

Demonstrations in Portland have continued for over 70 straight days, in response to continued police killings of black and brown people. On August 9th, for the second time, the Portland Police Association was set on fire.

For the previous weeks, protestors have engaged in pitch battles in the street, first against city police, and then Federal border troops sent in to violently suppress the uprisings.

They have fought against tear gas, kidnappings, brute force and violence of the pigs. Revolutionaries on the streets have increasingly garnered community support, from a wall of mothers to fathers and grandfathers.

They have successfully deployed tactics to avoid repression, using leaf blowers to clear tear gas, and coordinating shield defenses against pig batons.

As the uprisings continue, they face attacks from far right hate groups, as well as a pipe bomb attack on August 8th by a retired U.S. Navy SEAL and former Central Intelligence Agency contractor.