Raid on Police Unit in Ligua Chile

Published March 5, 2020

Raid on Police Unit in Ligua Chile

With a pistol in hand they attacked the Valle Hermoso barracks in La Ligua. They beat and chained a police carabinero in the unit.

During the morning of Monday, March 2, seven subjects with firearms entered the Valle Hermoso barracks in Ligua, where upon entering, a police carabinero tried to stop them, an act that unleashed a true battlefield inside the unit, where they beat and reduced said carabinero.

These subjects spray painted and destroyed inside the barracks, as well as were able to expropriate one 38 caliber revolver, two radios for communication, and forty-four 38 caliber cartridges.

At the time of the flight of these subjects, carabineros tried to stop them with bullets, but they achieved their task, escaping in an unknown direction.