Radical Anarchists in the BUR '18

Published January 10, 2019

In 2018, anarchists in Belarus, the Ukraine and Russia took militant actions against capitalist and state targets, while also facing brutal repression.

In Russia, anarchists of the underground “Network” organization were detained in Penza and St. Petersburg. Anarchists were accused of being part of a terrorist organization and were tortured by barbaric FSB officers.

In the Ukraine, anarchists reported four arson attacks, including an attack on a luxury car belonging to deputy chairman of the European Party of Ukraine (EPR). A group named after anarchist prisoner Ilya Romanov also attacked the training center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev.

On October 31, 17 year old anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitsky was martyred during an explosive attack on the FSB building in the city of Arkhangelsk in Russia.

From the video: “At the cost of his life, Mikhail spawned a huge wave of reasoning… Now it is only the crazy ones who do not compare Zhlobitsky with the revolutionaries of the 19th century… Suddenly, popular thinkers began to refer to the image of Nestor Makhno. Everyone learned about anarchists. Perhaps the entire recent history of Russian anarchism was the prelude to this action, which broke the wall of indifference… People are becoming increasingly disappointed by the tactics of peaceful protests. Amid the lack of a social perspective, Mikhail’s action revealed a massive request for anarchism… Today, Russia is on the verge of feudal fascism. The military are preparing for new wars and gendarmes are looking for enemies inside… So, were the tortures suffered by the comrades from the Network and the death of Mikhail Zhlobitsky in vain, or are we ready to fight further in the super-severe conditions of the coming cataclysm and put an anarchist alternative on the agenda?”