Protestors Storm and Burn Down Turkish Base in Iraq

Published January 27, 2019

Protestors Storm and Burn Down Turkish Base in Iraq

People in Sheladize region in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq, stormed a Turkish base in the Sire region on Saturday and demanded Turkish troops to leave their land after a recent attack by Turkish jets killed 4 Kurdish people on Wednesday.

The protesters in Sheladize marched to the Turkish base, and managed to occupy the perimeter despite an attempt by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) forces to prevent them. A group of the Turkish soldiers in the base were detained by the angry protesters. The protesters set fire to the military equipment in the Turkish base, including tanks, tents, containers and several other vehicles.

Fearing the frustration of the protesters, many Turkish soldiers escaped to the buildings, and the crowd continued to protest. The Turkish soldiers opened fire on the protesters and killed two people, one of whom was identified as 12 years old Hisen Rekani. An elderly civilian who suffered a heart attack during the Turkish aerial bombardment, also died.

In an attempt to intimidate the people, the Turkish state mobilized its warplanes and helicopters in the region to disperse them. The KRG dispatched troops to the area to protect Turkish bases. Turkish fighter jets continued bombing Sheladize, Deralok and Zap regions and warplanes flew low over the Sheladize region.

Turkish jets have increased bombings in Northern Iraq in the last few months, under the pretext of a military campaign against revolutionary fighters of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). In the process they have killed many villagers and destroyed their homes.

![Protestors burn Turkish base](images/burn 1.jpg)

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