Prisoners from ERDCC in Missouri Reveal COVID-19 Conditions

Published December 19, 2020

Prisoners from ERDCC Prison in MIssouri Reveal COVID Conditions

As Coronavirus rages through prisons in the US, with little care or intention to stop it by the staff and city governments, two people incarcerated at the Eastern Reception and Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Bonne Terre, Missouri, have released affidavits to the public to reveal the conditions they are subjected to, and show how Coronavirus is being spread through the prison.

According to one prisoner, “The treatment I have received by the prison staff shows they’re willing to allow the prisoners to die and accept no responsibility.”

Due to the maltreatment of prisoners with Coronavirus, those who became sick feared seeking treatment, because it would result in loss of the ability to care for themselves. One prisoner who did not test positive for the virus, was quarantined with prisoners who did test positive. He attested that he was locked in the infirmary, without access to fresh air, exercise, and only given cold food. He is restricted from access to the Law library.