Prison Rebels Completely Destroy Unit of Prison in Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Published September 16, 2020

Prison Rebels Completely Destroy Unit of Upper Peninsula Prison in Michigan

A housing unit at a prison in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was completely destroyed early Monday in an uprising by prison rebels.

Prison rebels banded together to prohibit guards from entering a segment of Chippewa Correctional Facility. They took control of a housing unit for about five hours on Sunday night.

Imprisoned militants did extensive damage to the unit, breaking equipment and glass and causing minor flooding.

The uprising began after pigs used a Taser on a prisoner. When that prisoner was being taken away, prison rebels left their cells and forced the pigs out.

The prisoner lost consciousness after he was hit with the Taser. A group of about 40 prison rebels approached the pigs' station and began making threats, saying it was “payback time.”

The brick housing unit was “completely destroyed,” with windows broken, computers destroyed, and door mechanisms made inoperable.

All cameras and two sinks were destroyed. Six windows — five interior and one exterior — were broken.

In September 2016, an uprising took place at nearby Kinross Correctional Facility during that year’s nationwide prison strike.

Prison rebels at Kinross set at least one fire and caused extensive damage.

The uprising at Chippewa on Saturday followed another attack on a pig Saturday at Marquette Branch Prison.

A sergeant was sent to the hospital and treated for a head wound and a concussion after he was struck by a homemade weapon.

Prison uprisings are likely to continue around the country, as imprisoned revolutionaries fight back against the same type of pig violence that has sparked uprisings in the streets.