Polisario Front Launches Rocket Attack Against Moroccan Occupation of Western Sahara

Published January 25, 2021

Polisario Front Launches Rocket Attack on Morocco’s Guerguerat border

Polisario Front, the Saharawi national liberation group, has bombarded the Guerguerat buffer zone under Moroccan colonial occupation in the far south of Western Sahara.

“The Saharawi army launched four rockets in the direction of … Guerguerat,” on the border between Morocco and Mauritania, Saharawi press agency SPS said in a statement on Sunday, citing a military leader of the anti-colonial Saharawi forces.

Morocco launched a military operation on November 13 in the buffer zone of Guerguerat – in the extreme south of the former Spanish colony – to suppress a demonstation of Saharawis, blocking the border crossing since last October 21. This operation broke the ceasefire between Morocco and the Polisario Front that had lasted since 1991, and Polisario Front declared war on Morocco in response.

The SPS statement also reported attacks along the “Wall of Shame” that separates Saharawi freedom fighters from Moroccan occupation forces.

Western Sahara, which was previously colonized by Spain, has been occupied by Morocco since 1975.

Since Morocco violated the ceasefire, Polisario Front fighters and Moroccan colonial troops have exchanged regular fire along the demarcation line.

The UN-backed ceasefire deal was supposed to lead to a referendum on self-determination. Morocco has offered the illusion of autonomy, while maintaining soverignty over Western Sahara in order to continue plunder its resources, including oil and phosphate mines.

UN-led negotiations involving Morocco and the Polisario, with Algeria and Mauritania as observers, have been suspended since March 2019.

The Polisario Front, which fought an anti-colonial war, using guerrilla tactics against Morocco from 1975 to 1991, said it was still willing to join UN talks on the territory’s future – but would not lay down its arms.

“In the past, we put all our trust in the international community and definitively ended our armed struggle,” senior Polisario security official Sidi Ould Oukal said on Tuesday. “We have waited 30 years. Thirty years of broken promises, prevarication and untenable waiting.”

Ould Oukal insisted the group was “open to any mediation.”

“But at the same time, we will keep up the armed struggle, based on past experiences,” he said.

Last year, the US recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the entire disputed territory of Western Sahara, breaking decades of precedent.

The move came under the far-right wing Trump regime in exchange for Morocco normalising relations with Israel. This deal clearly demonstrated the alliance between forces of US imperialism, Zionism, and Moroccan colonialism in opposition to the liberation struggles of Saharawi and Palestinian people.