Police Station Bombed, Prisoners Freed, Cop Kidnapped in Imo State, Nigeria

Published April 9, 2021

Police Station Bombed, Prisoners Freed, Cop Kidnapped in Imo State, Nigeria

Police Station Bombed, Prisoners Freed in Ehime Mbano

The Ehime Mbano police station was bombed on Tuesday and the Mbieri Divisional Police Headquarters was attacked on Thursday in Imo State, Nigeria.

Barely twenty-four hours after insurgents attacked Owerri Prisons and Imo State Police Command headquarters, setting the prison on fire and freeing 1844 prisoners, another police station was razed on Tuesday April 6 in Ehime Mbano by militants.

In the last three months, no fewer than 25 police stations were burnt in the South-East and South-South regions of Nigeria, while 67 pigs were killed.

The militants bombed Ehime Mbano police station, entered it and expropriated ammunition. They also freed prisoners in police custody. Three vehicles were burned.

The attacks were the latest in the growing insurgency, targeting State facilities in the South-East of Nigeria.

Insurgents attack Mbieri police station, kidnap cop, injure others

Insurgents in the early hours of Thursday attacked the Mbieri Divisional Police Headquarters situated in the Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo state, Nigeria.

The militants struck around 1am and immediately liberated the prisoners in custody in the police facility.

The insurgents overpowered police with more sophisticated weapons. They took all the phones they saw, liberated the prisoners when they gained access and vandalized the police building.

The militants kidnapped one police officer and injured two other cops.

Six Divisional Police Headquarters have been attacked between February and April in Nigeria, apart from the state Police Command headquarters and Owerri Correctional Center which were attacked on Monday, respectively, with 1,884 inmates released and over 50 vehicles burnt.

Insurgents also attacked a military base at Ukwuorji on the Owner-Onitsha Expressway, burnt a soldier in a car and razed four other operational vehicles belonging to the military.

The other Police divisions attacked in the state within two months are Obowo, Aboh Mbaise, Ihitte/ Uboma, Isiala Mbano and the Ehime Mbano Divisional Police Headquarters.

The frequency of armed attacks on police and liberations of prisoners in Nigeria demonstrate the advantage that revolutionary forces currently hold over the demoralized police and military in Nigeria.