Police Station Attacked in Hanover, Germany

Published August 6, 2019


On the night of August 1, 2019, we broke the windows of the Varenheide Police Station on Kugelfangtrift Avenue. There are countless reasons to attack the cops. It seemed clear to us once again with the arrest of our Park Bench comrades, which is why we went to act tonight.

According to the press, the Park Bench comrades are accused of planning a fire for the anniversary of the G20 riots. Whether they are “guilty” or not: we do not care.

Our attack may be just a small sting, but it’s one of a series of attacks against the cops (and not only them) in Germany in recent months. Each of these small bites makes us feel that we are not helpless in the face of authority, domination and repression.

With rage in the bellies, cold heads, cheeks and hearts in flames, we are united and we always and again associate ourselves against the dominant order and those who protect it.

You remove our comrades from the streets or public benches, we shoot back! Solidarity with all those who are affected by violence and the repression of the cops!

A hug, strength and freedom for the three of the Park Bench! For the revolt!

From: https://attaque.noblogs.org/post/2019/08/03/hanovre-allemagne-un-poste-de-police-attaque/#more-27826