Police Station Attacked, Cars Torched in Portugal in Response to Racist Police Violence

Published January 23, 2019


Militants threw molotov cocktails at a police station in the Portuguese city of Setubal and torched cars in the capital Lisbon on Tuesday, hours after a protest against racist police violence.

Three molotov cocktails caused damage to the station in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The fire blackened the stairs and a wall of the station.

The attack follows a racist attack by police on a birthday party in the suburbs of Lisbon, the Bairro da Jamaica, this Sunday. The barbaric police beat and arrested several black people at what should have been a joyous celebration.

On Monday, several hundred people gathered in front of the Ministry of the Interior to protest against this racist incident. Protesters chanted “Down with racism!” Stones were thrown at police who tried to disperse the rally.

Four vehicles and a dozen garbage cans were also torched in greater Lisbon’s Odivelas district on Tuesday.

Militant resistance to racist police is expected to continue in Portugal.