Police Shot During Rebellion in Lousiville, Kentucky

Published September 24, 2020

Police Shot During Rebellion in Lousiville, Kentucky

On Wednesday September 23, the decision not to charge Kentucky police officers who murdered Breonna Taylor was announced. Anger, frustration and sadness over the decision poured into Lousiville’s streets as people stood up against the racist criminal justice system.

Breonna Taylor, an EMT worker, was fatally shot by four Louisville Metro Police who entered her home during a no-knock raid on March 13, 2020.

The state had prepared to strike against demonstrators. National Guard, Federal Agents, Louisville police and the private military contractor Tigerswan swarmed the city earlier Wednesday.

Despite the counter-force, the rebellion swept mightily through the town, setting a fire outside the federal courthouse, others along Jefferson Square Park, and successfully moving barricades into the roads.

As police beat and hog-tied demonstrators, many struck back, launching projectiles, beating them back, and shooting at and hitting at least two of them. One was successfully shot in the leg and the other in the abdomen.

The passion of Louisville was echoed across many cities in the country from Atlanta to Chicago to Los Angeles. In Portland, which has been rising up since George Floyd was executed by police, demonstrators launched molotov cocktails at police. In St Louis, a fire was started outside police headquarters.