Police Headquarters in Freiburg Attacked with Molotovs and Paint Bombs

Published June 10, 2019

Greek Anarchist Prisoner Giannis Michailidis Escapes from Prison

During the night of June 5, 2019, the Freiburg police headquarters was attacked with Molotov cocktails and paint bombs. We hope that as of today less police cars will make Freiburg’s streets unsafe!

This action is a clear response against the planned renewed tightening of the police law in Baden-Württemberg and part of a series of actions against the militarization of the police and the increasing authoritarian formation of society.

This action is not a mere critique of the reform of laws, but calls for the abolition of the police, military and jail as a whole! Since demos, petitions and appeals have not changed the future police laws, we are forced to throw lighter and bottle at the executives of the state monopoly. Because the police are and remain vulnerable. This has highlighted today’s action and that will underpin future actions.

But again from the beginning: not in 2019, but already in 2017, under the pretext of ‘protection against terror’, a bill was passed in Baden-Württemberg, which provides the police with far-reaching powers. For example, under certain circumstances, cops are allowed to use explosives such as hand grenades and read encrypted messenger chats via state trojans. The classification of people as ‘perpetrators’ is based on questionable criteria such as contact with the ‘wrong’ people, or so-called Intelligent Video Surveillance in public spaces, which automatically analyzes and categorizes behavior, and in extreme cases can lead to preventive residence and contact bans. This law was approved in 2017 by the Greens, CDU and SPD with the words: “We go to the limit of the constitutionally feasible” (Kretschmann).

Nevertheless, there is now a further tightening of this law in Baden-Württemberg, which has received very little attention in comparison to Bavaria and should be adopted as implicitly as possible. Once again, as an “anti-terrorism law”, it should be possible in the future to carry out veiled investigations in a 30 km wide corridor along the federal borders, ie “independent of suspicion” identity checks, which almost screams for Racial profiling. In addition, as part of an online search, all stored data such as contacts, images, past communication or passwords can be used preventively (!) As well as camera and microphone on mobile phones as a bug. Bodycams may also be used in private rooms without a court order; Comprehensive identity checks in the run-up to demonstrations are being legalized, creating a daunting threat. After all, there is a danger of infinity: so-called perpetrators have been imprisoned for 14 days so far, if the period is to be increased to 3 months, which theoretically can be extended again and again - you can sit in jail indefinitely - and all without having had a trial at all.

Especially the possibility of indefinite detention makes the absurdity of this law clear: on the basis of which criteria judges who determine the length of detention should decide whether persons are planning an “imminent serious disturbance of public safety and order” in the near future, without arbitrarily playing oracles and thus approving massive wrong decisions and repressions?

The new Police Law does not stand by itself: it is part of a paradigm shift to an authoritarian security state with a control-minded surveillance apparatus that fiercely fights enemies not only outside but also internally. The goal is adaptation and oppression, fear and uniformity. This becomes even clearer when you consider the reason for the amendment to the law: there is really none. Unfortunately, BaWü is not on the verge of revolution, and that from the huge radical left-wing scene poses a great threat to internal security refutes any reasonably professional study. Nevertheless–or for that very reason–an attempt is made to massively restrict the scope of social movements that are not organized by the state. Therefore, it can not be a strategy to stay as good as possible and not to annoy the state in order to be protected from repression. Being quiet now does not even mean having the option to be loud!

The effects of today’s police state were felt on Monday, d. 27.05.2019 clearly. Once again, only a short time previously occupied free space in Freiburg was cleared with hard cracking by the police and checked all supporters and passer bys, searched, filmed and recorded the personal details. The burning cars today are also a clear message against this excessive interaction of state and police. We stand in solidarity with the Besetzis and wish many successful future occupations! Solidarity and greetings also to those threatened with eviction in Basel!

We consider it pragmatically important to prevent the planned tightening of police laws in BaWü and elsewhere! However, the solution can not be a police force with just a few hand grenades! The withdrawal of individual reforms does not change the unfair basic principles of our society. Therefore, we oppose any domination and system based on unequal distribution of power, private property, control and coercion.

We all have to ask ourselves what really makes us safe: certainly not the institution of the police, whose job it is to protect the property and thus the interests of the wealthy and powerful.

We want to develop and implement new forms of living together beyond the “rule of law”. We want to take responsibility for our actions individually and collectively, without the threat of jail and violence. For freedom and solidarity, for a life in anarchy!

Freedom dies with certainty!

Source: https://de.indymedia.org/node/33489