Police Cars Destroyed in Response to Police Murder

Published July 3, 2021

Police Cars Destroyed in Response to Police Murder

In response to the Portland Police murder of Michael Ray Townsend on June 24, a parking lot containing multiple Portland Police Bureau squad cars was attacked. A hole was cut into the surrounding barbed wire fence, and a dozen vehicles were hit. All cars had their windows, windshields, lights and mirrors smashed, and abolitionists / anarchists messages were painted across their exteriors. A fire extinguisher filled with paint was used to completely cover multiple squad cars, as well as their interiors.

Everyday the pigs turn our public spaces into open air prisons. We call on all abolitionists to take the defunding and disarming of the pigs into their own hands.

Be bold! Sabotage is fun!

From: https://rosecitycounterinfo.noblogs.org/