Police Camp Set On Fire in Naivasha, Kenya

Published June 14, 2020

Police Camp Set On Fire in Naivasha, Kenya

In response to cases of police brutality, militants set fire to a police camp in Naivasha, Kenya. An inspector’s house in the camp was first locked from the outside and then set ablaze.

Eight police officers who were at the station at the time of the attack on Thursday, June 11, at dawn. They were nearly killed in the attack, escaping narrowly, but their property, worth thousands of shillings, was burned.

The target was the house of the inspector who unfortunately wasn’t in, but the fire burnt down his house before spreading to the other structures.

The fire, which quickly spread to adjacent houses belonging to the officers, burned for two hours before being put out.

At least 87 cases of police brutality have been reported in Kenya since the end of March and 21 people have been killed by police in that time.

The latest death was of a homeless man from the Mathare slums in the capital Nairobi who was killed on June 1 for allegedly violating the dusk-to-dawn curfew.

Hundreds of people in Mathare left their homes and burned tires on the streets that night to protest the murder by police.

Many in Kenya have drawn comparisons with the murder of George Floyd by police in the United States. As in many areas of the world, people of Kenya are fighting back against the terror of police violence.