People in Gambia Stand Up Against the President

Published January 28, 2020

People in Gambia

The people in Gambia revolted against the president who did not keep his word despite saying that he would resign after his three-year term, and three activists were killed by the police.

Despite the fact that President Adama Barrow announced that he would hand over the duty after a three-year transition period, the Gambia people took to the streets for the second time in the same week.

In the Jeshwand region of the country’s largest city, Serekunda, and the capital Banjul, the people who block the streets with roadblocks and tires set on fire, are determined to force President Barrow to resign.

After the former president of Yahya Jammah ruled the country for 22 years, Adama Barrow, the opposition leader of the period, came to the country’s administration in 2016 and said that he would quit after a three-year transition period.

Despite this, Barrow voiced his plans to extend his mandate. This was the main factor that put people on the streets.