Thousands of Palestinians Protest Against Trump Peace Plan

Published January 31, 2020


Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated against far-right wing US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, burning pictures of Trump and the American flag. At the same time, Israeli forces shut down the Old City of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa compound.

“Down with the deal of the century” and “Palestine is not for sale,” the demonstrators chanted raising Palestinian flags.

Clashes broke out on Wednesday in the West Bank between Palestinians denouncing the so-called “deal of the century” and the Israeli military. The Israeli occupation army used live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas to repress the Palestinian militants. 41 Palestinians were injured, including 3 hit by live ammunition. Two demonstrators were injured by live ammunition in the Jabal al-Tawil neighborhood; another was the target of live ammunition by an Israeli settler in Beit Sira.

In the meantime, Israeli police arrested two Palestinians inside Al-Aqsa Mosque compound - claiming that they were carrying knives - and then shut down the gates to the compound and the Old City gates, preventing people from entering or exiting the city.

The events come a day after the US president exposed the so-called “deal of the century” on Tuesday at a press conference in Washington in the presence of the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, who was recently indicted for corruption charges. Trump’s plan, which was rejected by the Palestinian Authority and all factions of the Palestinian resistance, grants the Zionist state full control of Jerusalem and allows it to annex the Jordan Valley – a strategic area of the West Bank – as well as the settlements that dot the Palestinian territory.

In exchange, Palestinians are being offered a form of statehood in what remains of the West Bank and Gaza, as well as the neoliberal “incentive” of investment and aid.

Israeli officials have said they plan to begin the annexation as soon as possible, maybe before elections scheduled for March 2.

Other states in the Middle East have effectively abandoned the Palestinian cause. Saudi Arabia said they would study the proposals, withholding immediate criticism. The United Arab Emirates went further by calling the plan an “important starting point” for peace talks. And Egypt called on Palestinians “to undertake a careful and thorough examination of the US vision to achieve peace.”

In the face of US imperialism, the brutal Zionist occupation and the lack of support by other Middle Eastern states, Palestinians remain steadfast in their resistance to Trump’s Peace Plan and Zionist colonialism.