Palestinians Increase Resistance Against Colonial Brutality

Published May 14, 2021

Palestinians Increase Resistance Against Colonial Brutality

As the struggle intensifies, reports from Palestinian indicate that resistance has increased intensity against incursions by the Israeli state.

So far 1750 rockets have been fired at Israel to stop its genocidal intentions. On May 13th, resistance forces fired 100 missiles at Ashkelon in occupied Palestine. Resistance fired missiles at occupied Lod, after lynch mobs targeted Palestinians in the area. Missiles were fired by Palestinian groups based in Lebanon, hitting Upper Galilee in occupied Palestine. Missiles were used to target Ramon Airport, 220 km away from Gaza. The Qassam brigade unveiled its drone arsenal today. A suicide drone was used to target a gas platform off the coast of Gaza.

Resistance spokesman said: “Mobilize all your troops from the land, air and sea. We’ve prepared for you multiple forms of death that will make you curse yourself.”

He also said, “What makes this battle special is the union of all Palestinian everywhere and their consensus on deciding to resist.”

Israel has built up land forces along the Gaza border, raising speculation of a ground invasion.

Groups of Palestinians arrived in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to help defend their comrades.

On May 13, two Israeli police cars were burned in Kafr Qasim. This is the site where Israeli police had killed 49 Palestinians on October 29, 1956.

The latest news to arrive today May 14th: Israel has killed 7 in the West Bank, and injured more than 150. Warplanes and drones are currently dropping bombs on Gaza. 160 warplanes participated in the bombing of the 340 square kilometer area. Tanks were firing overnight and continue shelling the Sofa area, northeast Rafa. Israel has destroyed 500 residential units since the start of its recent genocidal attacks.

A new wave of of rocket attacks were launched on Ashkelon and Beersheba.

Thousands of Jordanians marched to the border to challenge the Israeli occupation army, while thousands of others demonstrated in the capital. In the village of Biddu, Palestinians clashed with occupying forces.