Paint Bomb Attack on İşbank in Berlin

Published February 4, 2019

İşbank in Berlin

Paint-bomb attack by anarchists against a Berlin branch of İşbank, Turkey’s largest bank and a major financier of the Turkish State’s fascist war.

Their statement:

In light of the current threat to the Kurdish freedom movement and the ongoing hunger strike, we want to send out another message.

Unfortunately, it is no longer the question if, but when Turkey begins the invasion.

Although allied major powers support and finance the Turkish wars of annihilation, it is Turkish capital that contributes most to it. So it met a weddinger branch of the largest Turkish state bank this night. Türkiye İş Bankası, a stock corporation, is one of the top ten Turkish companies in terms of turnover, and is thus directly involved in financing the misery.

When the Turkish military marches and drops bombs on the heads of our friends, it does not do so without consulting its NATO allies. It is precisely those NATO partners who supply the Leopard II tanks to Turkey, who roll through the villages and send the F16 fighter jets dropping the bombs. Bombs that, like Sehid Sahin from Iceland, can not even leave behind a body that can be buried. Therefore, it is essential to resist the nuclear powers here to stop the war machine here too. Because it is also because of the strength of the resistance we organize here against the military allies, how the course of the war will shape. Therefore: * enforce the required no-fly zone, reduce further atrocities! *

It is not only the Turkish capital that finances wars of aggression, it is also German tanks, financed by German banks with the fullest support of the German government, that are killing in Rojava. Therefore: * Block and attack armor corporations! *

The repression against emancipatory and Kurdish structures has long been part of everyday life, but the cooperation of the German and Turkish authorities and intelligence agencies seems to be getting closer and closer. Be it 129a / b investigations, some of which have been discontinued, but there are still ongoing processes and people in jail (LINK). Be it the countless procedures for showing “Forbidden symbols” or other intimidation attempts such as open observations. They know that they hit us the hardest when we stand isolated. Therefore: * To oppose the repression against internationalist structures in solidarity and militancy! *

This action was only a small sign, but one that shows that we are our friends in our hearts to fight against the oppression.

Whether with a gun in hand, building the Revolutionary Communities or through creative protest: defend the feminist revolution in Rojava!

For a life in freedom!

Biji berxwedana Rojava!

-Some anarchists