One Indonesian Soldier Shot Dead by West Papuan Guerrillas

Published March 9, 2020

West Papua

Again, a soldier of the Indonesian colonial occupation military from the Kodim 1710 / Mimika unit who was stationed at the Jila Post, Sertu La Ongge was shot dead by West Papuan guerrilla fighters on Monday March 9.

The West Papuan guerrillas attacked from the rear height of the Pamrahwan Infantry Battalion 754 / ENK Post and Kodim 1710 / Mimika Military Command Post when personnel from the Jila Yonif 754 / ENK Post were carrying out preparations for dawn alert at the position.

The Indonesian occupation soldier was shot in the right temple and left ear. He was rushed to the emergency room at Mimika Regional Hospital to receive intensive care. However, the colonizing soldier could not be helped and was declared dead.

In a press release, the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) stated:

“The War of National Liberation by the West Papua National Liberation Army will be carried out throughout West Papua’s territory, and the War will cease after Papua is fully independent from the illegal military occupation of Indonesia on the ancestral land of the Papuan people.

Headquarters Management, West Papua National Liberation Army has received a direct report from Tembagapura about the Attack on the KORAMI Post in Jila District by the TPNPB Troops under Brigadier General Egianus Kogeya, and in this Attack, one member of the Indonesian Military was shot dead.

This attack was carried out by the West Papua National Liberation Army under the leadership of Brigadier General Egianus Kogeya, after Egianus Kogeya and his troops arrived in Jila District after a long journey from Ndugama to Tembagapura.

Brigadier General Egianus Kogeya and his troops went to Tembagapura to join all TPNPB troops from 33 KODAP who had taken positions first in Tembagapura.

With the joining of the Commander of KODAP III Ndugama “Brigadier General Egianus Kogeya,” it is complete and ready to attack the Freeport Capitlist Company area in Tembagapura-Papua.

The Indonesian security forces’ posts in Banti 1 and Banti 2 have already been locked up by the combined West Papuan National Liberation Army from 33 KODAP.

The connecting bridge from Tembagapura to the Villages has been destroyed by the TPNPB Troops, and the TPNPB Troops are on standby to guard the entry and exit of the Indonesian Security Forces.

Their food (TNI / POLRI) has begun to run out, and for three days the Helicopter was circling in the air but was shot continuously by the TPNPB Troops, so the Helicopter returned to Timika.

And even a car that wants to transport food is guarded by TPNPB troops. Helicopters who want to supply food for members of the TNI / POLRi were fired on by TPNPB forces.

The Indonesian Security Forces carried out Basoka and Grenade attacks in the Village Area, but the TPNPB Forces did not run.

In this case, the TPNPB Force is still defending and continuing to fight with the Indonesian Security Forces, with the Principle that the TPNPB will fight against the Indonesian Thief Forces.”