Oil Depot in Izmir Destroyed by HBDH

Published August 13, 2019

Oil Depot in Izmir Destroyed by HBDH

Mineral oil depot in the industrial zone of Çiğli district of İzmir has been destroyed by the HBDH Sevda Serinyel Revenge Militia

Their statement:

On 10 August 2019, the HBDH Sevda Serinyel Revenge Militia a mineral oil depot in the industrial zone of Çiğli district of İzmir. In the fire caused by the explosion, the whole tank turned to ash.

Our actions against the exploited capital owners continue. Those who support the persecution of millions through hunger and poverty, are sentenced to live in war. Fascism grows under its wings. You can see that this will not continue as before. The days that you thought would be inconclusive are back. Either you will withdraw your support from the fascism of the AKP, or you will disappear with it.

In the face of our actions that lasted for days, power does not open a knife. Because the mask fell, the empire of fear collapsed, weakness was revealed. There is not a single safe area that will protect the people who support the palace. Anybody who still persecutes the people by relying on the power of power, tortures in dungeons, plunders the workers’ bread, plans to attack the Kurdish people, raises batons to mothers and families, we will let you know that your power will leave you to your destiny. You will come to terms with the justice of the people, not in the courts of fascism that protect you.

We take our strength from the united struggle of the people, our courage from the immortal will of our immortals. Our compass is our pioneers that you think you have destroyed. Our comrades Mercan (Sevda Serinyel), Şahin (Yılmaz Kes) and Doctor (Mahir Özgül), who became immortalized in the mountains of Dersim on August 1, 2017, are guiding our revolutionary war.

We will surely defeat fascism. Our people will win the united revolutionary war.

From: HBDH-online