Now It Gets Real - Keith Malik Washington

Published September 26, 2019

Revolutionary greetings comrades! Well, I’ve been granted parole in Texas. I’m now in federal custody where I have approximately eighteen months to do – maybe less.

Now it gets real!

It’s easy to be heavily involved with the Prison Abolition Movement when you are trapped inside the “belly of the beast.”

However, the true test begins once a prisoner is released from the slave kamp and gulag.

There are humyn rights struggles that are taking place inside prisons all across Amerika and the United Kingdom. There is no shortage of work to do!

Comrades, this Prison Abolition Movement is in desperate need of volunteers as well as financial resources.

Every little bit counts.

Every letter you write, every phone call, and every email you send in order to support a political or a politicized prisoner contributes to the entire Movement.

Soon I will be free comrades!

Now it gets real!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win! All Power to the People!

– Keith requested this video from Kevin Gates – Change Lanes