No Special Surveillance for Internationalist Rojava Fighter in Italy

Published July 7, 2019

No Special Surveillance for Internationalist Rojava Fighter in Italy

Following the same decision by Turin tribunal, the Sardinian court also rejected the request for special surveillance measures against Pierluigi Caria, who had been in Rojava to assist the revolutionary struggle there against Daesh and other reactionary forces, and in support of the civil structures.

The special surveillance measure, if ordered by the Prosecutor, would have included the prohibition of living in the city where the former fighters are currently living, as well as the prohibition of carrying out political activities and demonstrating.

Caria, a 33-year-old Nuoro resident also known as Luiseddu or Luisi, allegedly previously fought against Islamic State in Syria in the International Freedom Battalion.

Hundreds of revolutionaries from countries including Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States have fought alongside the predominantely Kurdish YPG in northern Syria.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of and I have committed no crime either for my conscience or for the laws of the colonial state occupying our land,” Caria wrote. “I have never hidden my support for the Kurdish people’s struggle for self-determination.”

“I think it is simply ridiculous that the YPG and the IFB are associated with terrorism,” he wrote. “These are formations made up of Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Turkish and Western volunteers who, in the midst of the horror of war, have been defending the population of Northern Syria.”