No Peace for War Profiteers - Revenge for Şehîd Sara: DB Schenker Truck Set on Fire

Published April 15, 2021

No Peace for War Profiteers - Revenge for Şehîd Sara and All Else: DB Schenker Truck Set on Fire

In Kurdistan, no day passes without war. In addition to military operations, the Turkish state currently relies on a war of low intensity. That means it is done continuously with smaller attacks at different levels (military, supply technology, etc.). The purpose of the strategy seems to be the turmoil of the people on site. But it also leads to the fact that internationists worldwide lose sight of attention for fighting in Kurdistan and turn to other topics.

As internationalists, we do not see ourselves as supporters, but as part of the struggle. But in the capitalist metropolises, we have learned to react reflexically with short-placed campaigns on abuses. Unfortunately, we are predictable and our actions often retain only symbolic character. In the case of the attacks on Kurdistan in recent years, we always responded only to extreme military offensives of the Turkish state: the Turkish attack on the canton of Afrin in January 2018 we answered with the Fight4afrin campaign, the attack on the cantons Kobanê and Cizîrê in October 2019 with the Riseup4rojava and Fight4rojava campaign. During the campaigns, we showed how creative and dedicated we can be together in the heart of the beast! We showed how much we reject the support of the Turkish state in its warfare and accept our own risks! We have shown that we can make the profiteers pay! We have shown that various forms of action complement each other and we can not be split!

But even after the campaigns, the slogan “German weapons, German money murders all over the world!” has lost none of its topicality. The economy and politics in the heart of the beast continue to create the conditions that our friends in Kurdistan fight against.

We think we shouldn’t lose focus and instead turn the tables: break the continuity of the war and its support with our own continuity of attacks in order to wear down profiteers of war. We have to break with campaign logic and discuss strategically, as we can create a continuity of an attack on our part. Our current suggestion is: Campaigned attacks should be replaced by continuous, asymmetric attacks. Thus we mean: attack at unpredictable times, in surprising places, poorly protected targets, whose direct reference to the conflict is not visible at first glance. We cannot lose sight of our goals, even if they are pushed into the background from media attention. We want to stay focused also in times when other topics appear to us at first glance. Actions with different destinations should always be combined (produce property damage, produce public relations etc.). The fight must remain constant on the streets of Europe to show the war profitors that there is no quiet hinterland for them!

We have set a truck from DB Schenker on fire in Lichtenberg, Berlin on the night of April 10-11, 2021. To avoid the fire spreading to other nearby objects, our spark started in the middle area of ​​the truck and not at the front under driver’s cab and engine. We attribute the lower damage to this - and to a possibly more robust soil protection of the vehicles of this group. The company DB Schenker earns its money, among other things, with the logistics for NATO forces and is responsible for armament transports to the Turkish army. (

We call for attacks on DB Schenker, which can mean, for example, exposing the company to the public or finding and destroying the trucks parked in the streets. A truck means property damage to the company; many trucks could force the company to move out of the armament industry. Since DB Schenker operates internationally, the Group can also be attacked in many places.

The action we dedicate to our friend Sarah Handelmann (Şehîd Sara Dorşîn), who was taken from us two years ago, on April 7, 2019. She was murdered by the Turkish Air Force in the mountains of South Kuridistan. Sara, you are immortal and will always stay with us in our fight and our hearts!

Avenge Şehîd Sara Dorşîn

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