New Incendiary Attacks on Mines in New Caledonia

Published December 22, 2020

New Incendiary Attack on the Mine in Yaté, New Caledonia

Just a week after the fire last Monday, another incendiary attack took place at the Goro mine in Yaté, New Caledonia on Monday afternoon.

At 1:30 pm on December 21, militants entered the Goro mine at the level of the mining pit. They allegedly set fire to between two and three small mining devices, including a crusher, tires and pipes.

Last Monday, a fire had already ravaged the facilities of the industrial center. The act of militancy had devastated a dozen machines, a stock of tires, part of the administrative building, as well as one side of the maintenance workshops and the tool store.

SLN mine cars targeted

Seven vehicles of the SLN mining center of the east coast of New Caledonia were “degraded,” three others were set on fire and four were expropriated on Saturday night. Part of the security installations was also destroyed.

About ten days ago, the serpentine had been set on fire once again. The ore conveyor had burned for almost 1.5 kilometers in length.

Attacks on mines are frequent in New Caledonia, where anti-colonial revolutionaries continue to struggle against French settler colonial occupation and the capitalist industries that are looting natural resources.