Multiple ELN operations in Arauca, Colombia

Published March 10, 2019

Multiple ELN operations in Arauca, Colombia

On Thursday, March 7, an ELN guerrilla group attacked a platoon of the Colombian army in the municipality of Fortul in the Arauca Department. The guerrillas injured seven soldiers by detonating improvised explosive devices.

The day before, in the municipality of Arauquita, a soldier who was on vacation with his family was abducted.

On Friday, March 8, two motorcycle guerrillas threw a grenade at a police patrol. It is not clear, however, whether the latter operation was conducted by the ELN or by FARC dissidents.

These operations are not unrelated to the visit of far right President Ivan Duque planned in the area.

As the United States and Brazil plan a coup in neighboring Venezuela guerrilla operations in Colombia give breathing room to Venezuelan revolutionaries.