Molotov Attack on Prison Guards' Cars in Lille-Sequedin, France

Published September 1, 2020

Molotov Attack on Prison Guards' Cars in Lille-Sequedin, France

A spectacular attack took place on July 29, the night of Wednesday to Thursday, in the car park of the prison of Sequedin, close to the city of Lille. A ram car drives through the fence of the secure area and enters the parking lot. Three hooded people come out of the car and throw molotov cocktails at screws’ cars parked there before escaping. In total, 7 cars belonging to the prison guards go up in flames.

For the time being there is no way to know the origin of the attack.

In any case, this attack was most probably motivated by rejection of the prison institution and what the prison inflicts on the detainees. Also, screws’ cars are regular targets of incendiary attacks of this kind.

In addition, detainees are denouncing the deplorable and unhealthy conditions in which they are incarcerated. Treatment inflicted by guards, their violence, is also indicated. For these reasons, prisoners often refuse to re-enter the cells, and organise revolts.

The prison of Sequedin attack is geared in that direction: radical resistance to the prison system.

Translated by Act for freedom now!