Molotov Attack on Cop Cars in Patras, Greece

Published March 22, 2021

Molotov Attack on Cop Cars in Patras, Greece

“The state terrifies, muddies, mocks, disembarks, pretends. Their omnipotence is a myth. Our wrath strengthens us, its alienation does not touch us, we break the windows of power with stones, the chains of the submission, with the flame of rebellion that burns in each heart of the oppressed.

Our eyes are open, our ears capture each sound. Our thought is crystal. Our choice one: Violent uncontrolled, continuous struggle for destruction of the State and power. We are angry, we are revolted, we are your worst nightmares.”

That text was written by Lambros Fountas and shared with comrades after his arrest at the Polytechnic in 1995.

In the context of the Hunger Strike from January 8 of D. Koufontinas, in memory of L. Fountas, at dawn on Wednesday March 10, a group of comrades, accompanied with Molotovs and gas cannisters, coordinated at two points in one of the most heavily guarded areas in Patras, in the open-air parking lot of the police on America Street! There are dozens of their vehicles, all kinds. At the moment of attack by one group, a patrol that waited to prevent potential attack tried to intervene, but accepted the attack by the second group. The result of the coordinated attack was to cause extensive damage to 8 vehicles and the patrol, frightened in its area, looked on at the flames.

During the particular period we are in, the states have chosen as a method the notorious Lockdown, which for us is nothing else beyond an opportunity to further intensify and redefine socio-political life. Through a strong political and economic crisis, which occurs with the health threat, the power to invent and impose new techniques of discipline, control and fear. It is in the criminalization of life outside the state and the law, while doing everything to fit our lives in 6 codes. The State is very afraid of organization, action and questioning from below. Do not forget that fantastic fines for any breach of the measures are in the thresholds of the minimum wage and share from the “protectors” of health with so much ease in the name of their alleged democracy, which is nothing more than cops, prisons, concentration camps, and daily terrorism from news bulletins.

The State-funded media, thickening during the pandemic, distort the reality, misinterpreting news and facts. In addition, it can be considered fascist propaganda when their journalists talk about a murderous attack on a Patras Police officer, who was allowed to live, when at the same time, there are daily incidents of (police) violence and only by luck, we do not have dead. These journalists are the same who shed crocodile tears for European dead from Covid, while for the dead in concentration camps, borders, prisons, and for everyday victims of capitalism, they do not say half a word, although they themselves “condemn violence from where it comes from.”

To the Patras Police Inspector Chitsika, who publicly spoke about an open war proclamation, we say that this war has started years ago; it is a war for freedom against a world of repression and power. The cops are unless; they are only a mechanism of self-defense of the rich, powerful and their interests; they will be invited to drown popular rage, the possible rebellion - revolution. Also, they oppose the only expression of legitimate violence, the violence that of anyone who raises a stature for a better world.

We want to break the myth that the attack is not a case of special, super-coached and superior people. There are many methods that can cause damage, reverse fear and return a part of the violence we accept.

We send a signal of solidarity to all those arrested in the events of N. Smyrna.