Molotov Attack Against Riot Police Headquarters in Athens

Published December 13, 2018

Molotov Attack Against Riot Police Headquarters in Athens

On the night of December 4, anarchist insurgents attacked the Management of Police Operations - Base of Riot Cop Units (MAT-YMAT) headquarters in Athens.

From the statement: “In these days, the units of the repressive forces suppress once more the collective outburst of rage and the necessity for violent conflicts. In these same days we attack them in their headquarters. To take them by surprise, to expose their weaknesses and failures in front of the will to destroy them. The same cops who are proudly patrolling in the city, convinced of their unlimited ability to terrorize the populations, were forced to run away loaded with fear in the night of December 2, in front of their own station.

The presence of riot cops is to impose control, their actions to re-establish order. In every way they are the frame of stability, designing the inner borders of metropolis, tracing routes and dead ends for demonstrations. They are occupying grounds, defining the danger zones which have to be surrounded. They are used against social uprisings, against the migrants inside the camps, to secure the destruction of natural places. They are the symbol of the dominant subject in the social base as the white straight European male, guarantor of the law in favor of statist and capitalist society.

The establishment of the YMAT police station in Kaisariani was a planned move of the counterinsurgency policies. During the German-Greek Nazi occupation and the Dekemvriana in 1944, this neighborhood was an area of resistance. Nowadays, it seems normalized in the neighborhood to have a constant presence of cops in uniforms circulating and living around this military base.

The insurrection of 2008 in Greece was one of the most powerful in the contemporary world. It showed the amount of power and creativity which can be brought against the state mechanisms and how weak and small they looked those days. The murder of the anarchist Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the Greek police will always be present in our memory and through our actions. Our insurrectionary acts do not depend on social legitimisation. Society is an abstract concept–most likely it refers to what is visible and approved to exist. Our struggles are connected to our experiences. We do not fight to save the people, we fight to survive and give solidarity to those who resist with the goal to stimulate more individuals and collectives to join this sincere anarchist struggle.

Our tactics can easily be adopted in any metropolis of the InterState fortress. Every preparing action, every conversation, every aspect of our plan can get us one step forward, giving us the advantage of surprising our enemy. Let’s create an insurrectional movement without borders that will be able to spread anarchistic ideas and practices.

We send a burning signal and we join the call for a Black December announced by the comrades in Chile by communicating with this action and our words with the insurgents around the world. In fighting memory of all friends, comrades and the unknown killed or imprisoned by the state.


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