Molotov Action in Solidarity with Dimitris Koufodinas On Hunger Strike

Published May 13, 2019

Dimitris Koufodinas

Police and offices of the ruling SYRIZA party at Koumoundourou square in Athens, Greece were attacked with molotovs this week in solidarity with political prisoner Dimitris Koufodinas, who has been on hunger strike since May 2nd.

Dimitris Koufodinas is part of the November 17 group and is currently serving 11 life terms. Novener 17 was an urban guerrilla group the supported its revolutionary activities with bank robberies, netting approximately $3.5 million. They sucessfully waged campaigns against the Greek state, and businesses, as well as American, Turkish, and British targets. The group’s name, 17N, refers to the final day of the 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising, in which a protest against the Greek Military Junta took place.

Letter from: Dimitris Koufodinas:

To the Director

I accepted to be transferred to your hospital, after pressure, in order to have an appropriate nursing environment (support of nursing staff), as I am on hunger strike since 25.

My living conditions here, in the warehouse of the 2nd basement of the hospital building, next to the morgue, are inhuman treatment and torture.

For this I request that I immediately be transferred to an appropriate hospital clinic so that there is a presence of nursing assistants in meeting the basic individual needs.


I do not want to stay in your hospital any more and I declare and sign with all responsibility that I want to go back to the EACN Cassavete in my detention area , where I will continue the hunger strike.


Until then, I will not accept any visit and medical attention from any doctor or nurse of your hospital, which I consider to be premature and offensive in advance, and I declare that any such effort is a violent and forced hospitalization that can not be done without my will, at which I do not consent.

This statement is in no way directed against medical and nursing staff who are conscientiously doing their job in these adverse conditions.

9/5/2019 Dimitris Koufodinas 2nd Basement Achillopouleio General Hospital of Volos, Greece

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