Message from Bangladeshi Anarchists on Women's Day

Published March 11, 2019

Message from Bangladeshi Anarchists on Women's Day

Anarchists in Bangladesh released a message for Women’s Day against bourgeois feminism and for revolutionary struggle.

In their statement they state, “A big part of Anarcho communism is the elimination of gender oppression. Women have been stomped on and trampled on by men for tens of thousands of years. In much of the world, women are treated as property. It is time to turn the tables. It’s time for total revolution.”


There was a “reject[ion}” of “the lie of the universal sisterhood” and a condemnation of “benevolent pink imperialism.” The Bangladeshi anarchists wanted to clarify that they do not believe the feminist struggle is a neutral one in terms of revolution, and there are positions involved in this struggle that must be acknowledged.

Western “bourgeois” feminists “as a whole are not going to support communist and anti-imperialist struggles. We need to understand this fact and deal with it,” they state.

In conclusion they reiterate that “Anarcho Communism is a revolutionary strategy that accounts for the real world, not the world as we imagine it.” And due to this we they acknowledge that “revolutionary feminism identifies bourgeois… men… and women as the enemy.”