Attack on Government Building in Response to Brutality at DeKalb County Jail in Georgia

Published June 3, 2019


A group of around 25 people marched on a government building and proceeded to break out windows and write graffiti that said Fuck 12 last Friday night.

Militants used rocks, hammers and pick axes to break windows and doors of the Maloof Administrative Building in downtown Decatur, Georgia.

The attack was in response to the brutal conditions at the DeKalb County Jail. Demonstrations began in April, after viral photos circulated on social media of young African-American men holding up food trays with slogans complaining of mold and inhumane conditions written on them.

Recently, another prisoner, Clarence Manning, died, due to the oppressive conditions at DeKalb County Jail. The attorney representing the inmate’s family said he was ignored in his final days and his death was preventable.

“If at any point during those four to five days, if he had the opportunity to get the appropriate level of medical care, he would be here today,” said attorney Justin Spizman. ”It was just a coincidence that (protesters) were picketing to prevent a death that had already occurred.”

Spizman said Clarence Manning was in perfect health in mid-February. That’s when he was booked into the jail. At the time, he was taking medication for hypertension, but the 64-year-old didn’t have major issues, his family said.

Four people were arrested on April 19 after they allegedly forced their way into the jail lobby and threw firecrackers and smoke bombs. Another four people were arrested after they refused to stop blocking traffic on Memorial Drive.

Also last Friday, a demonstration was held outside of DeKalb County Jail, the 4th demonstration to bring attention to the ongoing abuses inside.

Militant actions against the state will be increasingly necessary in the face of the brutality of white supremacist terror and enslavement in American jails and prisons.