Mailbox of Arms Company Thales Blown Up in Zurich, Switzerland

Published November 8, 2020

Mailbox of Arms Company Thales Blown Up in Zurich, Switzerland

In the night of November 6th, we blew up the mailbox of the local Defence Department of the Thales Group, the 8th largest armaments company in the world, at Binzstrasse 18 in Zurich. With our action we join the manifold activities around the world for the internationalist week of action against Turkish fascism and its European sponsors.

Thales, and, with it, the French state as the main shareholder, plays a central role in the modernization efforts of the Turkish arms industry. Strategically invested in Turkey for more than 25 years, Thales has made a decisive contribution to various projects aimed at supporting the Turkish army in its numerous wars of aggression. To this end, Thales works closely with the largest Turkish defense companies, such as Aselsan in the development and production of rocket launcher systems and infantry helmet cameras, or TAI for the Göktürk satellite system. Both companies are closely linked symbiotically with the gang around dictator Erdogan.

This gang - weakened by the economic crisis, internal and external needs, the Corona crisis, and not least by the resistance of progressive sections of the population, which continues despite massive repression - has long had no other option but war. By opening ever more fronts, Turkish fascism tries to distract from its weakness and to mobilize nationalist feelings through expansionist reveries.

It goes without saying that in view of these warlike prospects, the large European arms companies do not want to stand next door. In the increasingly crisis-ridden capitalist barbarism, the business of war in all its forms is something like the gold standard of guaranteed lucrative investments. In last year’s annual report, Thales alone reported an increase of a whopping 20% in its armaments division; in the so-called emerging markets, the growth was as high as 50%.

But the dreams of the investment departments of the arms companies, as well as those of the Turkish regime, will be shattered for a longer or shorter time by the resistance of the people. A system that can only survive through wars and enslavement, that needs the misery of many for the wealth of some, has no historical perspective.

On the other hand, those forces that oppose Turkish fascism and its allies - from the IS butchers to the EU governments - have history on their side. Their resistance, their courage to fight for a society of free people - as guerrilla units in the mountains, as popular committees in Rojava, as internationalists in the imperialist metropolises - will win. It is in the tranquillity of this certainty that we set this small but loud accent today!

There is no quiet hinterland: war to war! Fight for Rojava!

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