Liberation Army of West Papua Prepares for Guerrilla War

Published July 19, 2019

Liberation Army of West Papua

KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM headquarters received a report from the Leaders of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB-OPM) on July 16th, 2019 that all defense Regions Commands of TPNPB leaders in the Central highlands of Papua have gathered at Puncak Papua regency, and are ready for the war against the Indonesian Colonial Military.

In this case the KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM Headquarters has received reports that all military leaders of the TPNPB have gathered in Ilaga, Papua to conduct meetings to continue guerrilla warfare against the Indonesian Colonial Military occupation in the ancestral lands of the Papuans.

Those who issued this invitation were War Leaders who were always against the Indonesian Colonial Military and Police in the Puncak Jaya Regency, Puncak Papua Regency, Intan Jaya Regency and Tembagapura Districts, of Papua.

The TPNPB-OPM leaders convey from the field of West Papua that Revolution is in Ilaga now, and they hope that TPNPB-OPM diplomats who are abroad and KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM spokesman Mr. Sebby Sambom will immediately communicate with International press.

In their message, they ask all journalists from various media around the world to immediately enter Papua, because the TPNPB-OPM will carry out serious and open guerrilla warfare against brutal and inhumane oppression and occupation by the Indonesian military in the Land of the Papuan Nation.

They intend to convey these words to the Indonesian media, because most Indonesian media are restricted and terrorized by the Indonesian Military and Police and also by the Indonesian government.

-KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM Headquarters July 19th, 2019