Letter from Internationalist to Ceren: You Continue to Inspire Us As We Walk Our Way!

Published November 3, 2020

Letter from Internationalist to Ceren: You Continue to Inspire Us As We Walk Our Way!

We share with you the letter that Comrade Rosa Wolf wrote for her on the 1st anniversary of the immortalization of Comrade Ceren in English.

I remember when we used to laugh at each other by mixing English and Kurdish words. I remember how, without knowing you, I waited for your arrival and you arrived at the end! A year ago, you fell martyred on the front line of Til Temir. A year ago we accompanied you to rest in the soil of this territory, a land that you make fertile with your light and courage, that will never abandon our memories, nor the passage of history.

One year ago Erdogan’s fascist army attacked the liberated lands of Rojava, where many comrades left their lives for the fight for freedom.

Comrade Ceren, it has been a hard year, but we have learned that in the eternity of your words and actions, our commitment to the struggle remains. I fight every day to honor you. In so many moments I think, what would Ceren do in this situation?

What would you advise me to do? You continue to be an inspiration on our path; you will always be one of the reasons why I try to be a better revolutionary and a better comrade for others.

It doesn’t matter where we fight, it matters how. For this reason, I feel that you are always by our side, that we continue to walk together, that you take care of your comrades as I have seen you do so many times. Our enemies do not know that no matter how many comrades they kill, they will not succeed in vanishing our dreams and ideals. And as you once wrote ‘xeyale xwe tirs nake.’ Thus the meaning of the struggle becomes clearer. We will fight fascism and patriarchy wherever we are, with all our methods at hand. We will fight to remember you, we will fight to build a free life, a life that can be lived. For those who have been, for those who are, and for those who will come, there will be no day of rest until the enemy is defeated. It will be in your memory, because those of us who knew you well know that this was your decision, to fight to the end, to fight hard for the women who are captured in the hands of the capitalist system. You have always been on the front line, and you always will be.

History is written with the blood of the fighters; you have left us the best of examples, commitment and courage. Alive are your words and decisions, while I promise myself that now more than ever we must believe in the unity and strength of revolutionary values. I grew up in a land devastated by fascism, just like you. I was born a woman, just like you. I arrived in Rojava and found you, and in Rojava I buried you surrounded by other fallen comrades with whom I had fought on the Til Temir front. I arrived in Rojava and learned again to feel the deepest love for my comrades, the land and the struggle.

You are one of those comrades, who taught me to believe that everything is possible, if you fight with constancy. I remember those who taught me to believe, sehid Baran, sehid Nucan, sehid Barzan, sehid Ezda, sehid Bahoz, for you will also go this year to rebuild what the war destroys. In the firm path of the defenders of freedom I remember you and I carry you with me. There is no room for defeat.

Comrade Ceren, today I pay tribute to your courage and humility, to your strength and comradeship, to your revolutionary heart. I am very proud of you, of who you are, and of everything you taught me. With your memory, more women will join the struggle, I am convinced. I will strive to keep anti-fascist ideas and internationalism strong wherever I go.

We will fight to overthrow the enemy, to build and liberate new lands. Only the land covers the wounds of war. From our scars we raise barricades in towns and cities, valleys and mountains.

Death does not raise the flame of our fellow martyrs. The flame lives on in history and is more alive than ever.

Comrade Ceren, you are eternal in the struggle! Not one step back, they will not pass!

Ceren, Ölumsüzdür! Şehid Namirin!

Rosa Wolf

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