Letter from the Anarchist Comrade in Zurich Prison

Published March 12, 2019

Two Letters from Anarchist Comrade in Zurich Prison

March 1st, 2019, Zurich Prison

Dear comrades, dear friends

A month has passed since, on January 29th, I was on my bike for work and I had just turned from Langstrasse in Josefstrasse, when an unmarked car forced me to stop and two other undercover cops on bikes fell on me from behind. There was a woman among them who I remember following me to my house not long ago. Then we left with about 15 other uninvited guests for a final visit to my apartment, my car and the anarchist library, where, among other things, electronic data and documents were seized.

Now, I have landed in this other dimension, consisting of narrow rooms, basic furniture, long corridors, bars, still and always bars and metal doors, whose opening and closing dictate the pace daily. I am separated from familiar places and people just a few hundred meters away by the violence of a whole society that prefers a regime of walls and laws to the reign of freedom and consciousness. Outside, we love to dream, to experiment, to rebel. Our dignity is wounded by the ignominies on which this world rests. Little by little our experiences and our discoveries are woven until forming an overall vision and we take into account, in thought and in fact, the conditions of domination so as to free us from it, constantly rejecting the catalog of pre-established models, including those of anarchists. This is how we develop a revolutionary project in which theory and action keep challenging and intermingling. We can feel ourselves growing up, and we almost think we can embrace the world. Then, in an instant everything can be reduced to a few square meters. Every anarchist knows it and always has it more or less present in a corner of their head. The existence of this possibility, particularly emblematic of the essential core of this social order, is precisely a reason not to make our life outside into a prison: conventions and prejudices, progressive compromises and volatile satisfactions, which allow us to to arrive at the next day and constrain ourselves, and fear that seeks to diminish us in our own eyes.

This revolutionary project that each anarchist develops in themself continues to develop even when one is in prison. Contributing to it and not sacrificing our own initiative to the dictates of repression is a revolutionary solidarity, which I also feel for those who languish in the jails of the state. We may have to pay too much attention to the cop’s baton and prison. But mainly, repression is also the propagation of rituals and symbolic contents enclosing us in a cultural ghetto and taking us away from the reality of social struggle, the offer of participative solutions in exchange for small concessions, the harassment on all sides by stimuli and information that are increasingly meaningless, meaningless language that allows us to make our ideas understandable to ourselves and to others. All of this may be much more important in suppressing any uprisings against existing relationships. I think that these problems should at least be considered in the same context.

As far as my personal situation is concerned, I am doing as well as I can in these circumstances. I am sad to see myself so suddenly ripped from loved ones and dreams. But I manage rather well to seek openings, if not outside, at least in my heart. I use my time to read and write, to learn and to study. There are a few people I can talk to. I am looking forward to receiving news and analysis on what is happening in the world, anarchist publications (to be sent in envelopes), as well as letters from friends and acquaintances.

I understand German, French, Italian, English and some Spanish and Turkish. Of course, the prosecutor also participates in reading. Finally, I would like to warmly thank those who support me with any possible means.

I wish you courage and strength out there, where it is even more necessary than here, inside. At least they can get out more. I give you an embrace with all my heart!

Anarchistische Bibliothek Fermento, Zweierstrasse 42, 8005 Zürich

bibliothek-fermento [ät] riseup.net

Originally published in German here: http://bibliothek-fermento.ch/text09.html