Legislature in Argentina Set Fire For Florencia Romano in Argentina

Published December 19, 2020

Legislature in Argentina Set Fire For Florencia Romano in Argentina

During the three hour march this Friday for justice for Florencia Romano people stoned windows and set fire to offices of the Government House and the Legislature in Mendoza.

The reason for the march was the memory of Florencia Romano and the repudiation of those who are still alive and do not want to live the hell that the 14 years old, was subjected to. Her murder and the discovery of her body in the city of MaipĂș, on Thursday afternoon, moved the whole province.

There were faces of anger, of indignation. Many young faces. The women, in their, pointed out that they feel unprotected, helpless, alone. They are afraid to go out on the streets and live their lives.

Since 6 p.m., hundreds of demonstrators, mostly women, had gathered to demand justice for Florencia Romano. There were many families there, many women and above all many 14 or 15 year old teenagers, who felt very closely what happened to the young woman of Rodeo de la Cruz.

The messages were the same as always, but above all the focus was on showing that there must be justice.

Many adolescents of Florence’s age led the march to the Government House.

An office on the second floor next to the main doors caught fire (with an explosion of an air conditioner), stones were thrown on the third floor and fire broke out on the stairs. The floors of the entrance stairs were also set on fire.

Then, all the demonstrators who were left at the Government House went to the Legislature, where once again a group unleashed their fury. The glass on the office of the president of the Chamber of Deputies was broken. Another damaged office was the one facing the front.