Last Speech by Samir Flores Before His Assassination

Published February 27, 2019

Last Speech by Samir Flores Before His Assassination

On February 20, indigenous environmentalist activist Samir Flores was attacked around 5:30 in the morning outside his home in Amilcingo, Morelos. Samir was shot four times, two of them in the head. Family members blame the Federal Electricity Commission, a promoter of the thermal-electric project Samir opposed. A day before, Samir Flores attended the informative forum of superdelegate of Morelos, Hugo Erik Flores in Jonacatepec. His last words in public were the following:

I have listened to the decisions of this government to resume what was left unfinished by the government of Peña Nieto.

We have to reorganize ourselves, and move forward. As Comrade Miguel says, “those who defend the people with their words, but with their deeds betray it.” It is regrettable that we have seen and experienced this done by a handful of corrupt politicians. Some talk with them for their own interests when they come to power, let things flow and prefer things to continue.

Comrades in the communities, perhaps some more divided than others, more naked than others, but there we are in the Amilcingo community since 2012, when we started this fight against the gas pipeline. They also created a shock group that continues to work on behalf of the government. Maybe it lost some strength now with this new government but they are still there; they continue to hurt; they are still on the side of the government, at the service of the interests of the government. They have fabricated crimes against us; they have imprisoned companions; they have beaten others; they have insulted others more. It seems for some that we have economic interests and that we are chasing money, when our interest is different.

We know each other–where we come from, where we are going, and what we want, of course. I think that what we have to be very clear about is that some may be tempted by power and may be tempted by money. I think that the rest of us have to stay firmly on the path to where we want to go. It is inevitable that some others will stumble; betrayal is inevitable, since it is also part of the struggle. That betrayal always happens; that duality is inevitable. The good can not exist without the bad, the day without the night the sweet without the bitter.

But then, comrades, most of us have to keep walking. Many companions have been left on the road. They have sold out, as we have said! They have failed and have been persuaded by certain interests, but we remain firm. The community of Amilcingo continues to weigh the division created by a politician that has caused confrontation in the community, but we continue to resist and keep moving forward.

They wanted to impose on us in a thousand and one ways. They have imposed public works on us with money from the gas pipeline and now they want to pass our children from the primary school to public works with money from the gas pipeline. We do not agree with those people who have sold their dignity; they have sold education; they have already sold water; they have sold everything. But there are more of us to move forward and defend the dignity of all the people.

I think that’s why we’re here gathered compas. Beyond what can be determined in later days against those determinations. Even so, if it is against us we have to overcome it. Do not expect things to favor us and if they are, then that’s good. Maybe there will be half a way already achieved, but if not, we have to continue. Hopefully we can run with the same fate as the compas of Atenco that have also been present; comrade Trini and comrade Nacho have also always been in this fight and hopefully we can run with the same luck. To keep fighting organized. Thank you very much, comrades, go ahead.

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