Land Defenders Chase Security Guards and Set Fire to Vehicles in Bahia, Brazil

Published July 11, 2019

Land defenders chased private security guards, smashed and set fire to their vehicles, defending their land from forced seizure by corporations and local elites in Bahia, northeastern Brazil on July 3.

A group of vigilantes, employees of the GPS security company, attempted to invade an autonomous land territory in the Eunápolis region of southern Bahia.

Armed with scythes, more than ten land defenders successfully defended the territory from the security guards that used batons. At least six vehicles were smashed. One of them was set ablaze.

The resistance by the land defenders has caused the corporation Veracel to discontinue activities in the area. Veracel is also collaborating with police authorities.

Under the fascist Bolsonaro regime, corporations and elites have felt empowered to intimidate and invade autonomous regions in Brazil. Land defenders will continue to repel attacks from vigilantes hired by corporations, as well as the state’s police forces.

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