Comrade Malik Speaks! This Also Means That I Am an AntiFascist! Expect Us!

Published August 27, 2019

Comrade Malik Speaks! This Also Means That I Am an AntiFascist! Expect Us!

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades!

By now the word has gotten out that I’ve left the New Afrikan Black Panther Party-prison chapter and embraced Anarchism. This is a tough time but as J. Cole raps in his song “Middle Child,” he says: “Everything Grows, its destined to change!” I have changed!

I am still holding on to my belief in Eco-Socialism. Plain and simple, climate change is real and not a hoax. Think many of ya’ll who have felt these unusually hot temps recently can attest that something is most certainly going on and I can guarantee you that these imperialist multi-national corporations that deal in fossil fuels have no interest in saving our beautiful planet or ensuring that the humyn species is able to survive– they just don’t care so we have to make them care! But that is not why I am communicating with you today!

I am here to confront that fascist and white supremacist in the Oval Office in Washington, DC. The man who has unleashed these Neo-Nazi haters masquerading as so-called ‘patriots’ who are chanting “send her back” and attacking unsuspecting wimmin and children of color!

There was a Facebook post on or around my 51st birthday (July 19th) . The post was made by a Black womyn who was shopping with her child in the state of Georgia. She was approached by a white man who became very loud and aggressive with her. He began to call her “lazy” and “ignorant.” She was scared for her safety and the safety of her child.

This being only a couple of days after Trump’s tweet and the chant of “send her back” at a North Carolina rally for Trump. You see comrades, this racist attitude that has been embedded in the consciousness of Trump’s base is catching on like wildfire here in Amerikkka! This beautiful sister of color and her child were just trying to enjoy a little of this “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” that Amerikkka says is available to all who travel here. Something has changed sisters and brothers and we’d best to take notice.

This Black womyn who came under attack with her young child happened to be a member of the Georgia State Legislature! So we must ask: “Did this racist attacker track our sister and her child?!” “Was this encounter pre-meditated and pre-planned?!”

You do understand where I am going with this don’t you comrades?

The white nationalists and fascists in Amerikkka are becoming more bold and aggressive. They smell blood in the water! They are preparing strategic attacks on vulnerable individuals and vulnerable communities. Many times these people who hate don’t target or attack those who are able to defend themselves and fight back! They love to overwhelm and terrorize their victims – very similar to the strategies and tactics employed by the members of the Ku Klux Klan. You do remember the Klan don’t you sisters and brothers? Well, they’re back!

Comrades, I am telling you all today – don’t wait to get organized!

One of the most valuable lessons I learned as a member of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party–Prison Chapter was historical dialectical materialism. Study history comrades. Study these reactionary pigs! They are in cahoots with these white supremacists and the main one is in the White House playing puppet master via his twitter account.

Now that I have embraced Anarchism, it also means that I am an Anti-Fascist. It means I won’t remain silent when I see the warning signs or the symbols. It means that I will send out a call for all anti-fascists to gear up and begin to create training and education opportunities for those willing to engage in self-defense and pre-emptive strikes against the enemies of the people.

This is not the first time I’ve addressed the need for this and it damn sure won’t be the last – this is only the beginning!

Comrades, there are some things I know about Amerikkka and Amerikans that some folks don’t like to discuss – but I will!

I know for a fact that there are more non-racist white folks in Amerika than racist white folks. I know that a white nationalist extremist like Trump will often attempt to fan the flames of hatred in order to intimidate and drown out the ‘voices’ of the many who reject his divisive tactics! I also know that like many minorities and people of color who want peace that there are white folks who want peace also but they are being scared into silence! They don’t know which way the winds of change may blow. If they join our anti-fascist ranks—will they lose?

These are the questions on some people’s minds who are on the fence? I am here to reassure all of yall today!

We are many! The haters cannot compete with us once the thunderstorm erupts! I love the saying by the group Anonymous. “We are anonymous! Expect us!” And today I say to the Neo-Nazi Haters of Amerika and the UK, “We are Antifa – Expect Us! Expect Me!” Stay woke comrades! The ranks of black anarchists who will fight for all is growing!

Dare to struggle, Dare to Win! All Power to the People!


As a former member of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party – Prison Chapter I learned about revolutionary science as it was created by Marx, Lenin, and Mao and taught to me by Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson and Tom ‘Big Warrior’ Watts. I learned about capitalism and imperialism and why it is absolutely necessary that we smash them into oblivion.

The most beautiful lessons I learned were those that involved selfless sacrifice and serving the people wholeheartedly without holding anything back! If you are a Black womyn or man or a oppressed humyn being that is trapped inside one of these slave camps and gulags in Amerika I highly encourage you to join NABPP-pc, The party changed the direction of my life and saved me from a life of drug addiction and criminal behavior.

Many will say: If the NABPP-pc was so wonderful, why did you leave? And I will tell you – I left the party because I fell in love with Anarchism! This didn’t happen over-night, it was a process!

I also saw this moment in history as a crucial point in the development of humanity. The Earth, our planet as we know it, is in a state of turmoil and crisis. We are experiencing an ecological crisis, a political crisis, a socio-economic crisis, and a crisis between the sexes.

Technology is developing at such an incredibly fast rate of speed. I felt that I could not wait for the Marxist, Leninist, or Maoist theoretical doctrines and analysis to catch up to the drastic changes happening now. Not saying that all these doctrines are not relevant in some way. However I choose Anarchism because I believe that this is the best chance and opportunity to use all the gifts that I have for the good of humynkind. No restraints on my voice or my activism and direct actions!

I feel more free to be myself and exercise the little bit of agency I do have while my physical body is trapped behind these cement walls! But I won’t be trapped in this cement cage forever! Know that! I’ve talked enough for today! If any of my comrades have questions, write me directly or contact my comrades at the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, Fight Toxic Prisons, IWOC, or the ABC Federation and someone will know how to reach me! I am very accessible!

Stay Woke! Stay Strong!