KBDH Sema Koçer Militia: IED Attack on Riot Police Van

Published February 20, 2021

KBDH Sema Koçer Militia: IED Attack on Riot Police Van

On February 18, 2021, in Adana Central Çukurova district, we hit a riot police van with an IED; the van was in motion for the change of guard that our forces took under control. As a result of the action, the minibus carrying the riot police became completely unusable, but the number of dead and injured police could not be clarified. After the action, it was observed that many ambulances, fire brigades and police forces were dispatched to the scene.

Annihilation and genocide attacks of the fascist state continue on our peoples and the Kurdish freedom movement. The fascist army and the state aiming to destroy the Kurdish people and their struggle in every part of Kurdistan has once again revealed its true face in the recent attacks on Garê. The fascist government that has reached the level to execute its own captives is responsible for this operation. The PKK freedom guerrillas, who exhibited a historical resistance in Garê for 4 days against these attacks, voided these attacks and gave this victory to all peoples, especially the Kurdish people. We, as KBDH, commemorate our comrades who created this historical resistance in Garê and salute their resistance and say that we will pay our debt to them with our actions and save our peoples from this fascism.

Thousands of our comrades have turned their bodies into action against the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan under severe conditions, and all our peoples must add voice to this resistance and raise it to the highest level. Let’s resist the conspirators and ensure the freedom of our peoples in these days when we are experiencing the anniversary of the February 15 international conspiracy. Let’s unite all our resistances, from resistance to femicide to resistance to murders of workers, from the Bosphorus resistance to the resistance in Kurdistan, and let’s strike the final blow to the fascist government.

With this action, we commemorate our comrades who were martyred heroically by displaying a historical resistance in Garê and we salute this historical resistance. KBDH Militia also say to the fascist government and its law enforcement agencies that we are not only in Garê, but also throughout Kurdistan and Turkey, and we will increase our struggle against fascism in every area.

From: http://www.hbdh-online.org/kbdh-sema-kocer-milisleri-cevik-kuvvet-minibusune-eypli-eylem/