KBDH Militia Set Fire to a Dormitory in Istanbul

Published May 2, 2020

KBDH Militia Set Fire to a Dormitory in Istanbul

We carried out a sabotage action against the Esenyurt Girls Dormitory under the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Istanbul. In the action we carried out on the afternoon of 02 May 2020, the building after the fire on the roof of the empty dormitory has become largely unusable.

We carried out our action as KBDH (United Revolutionary Movement of Women) Militia in memory of Sibel Ünli, a student of Istanbul University who committed suicide in January. Sibel Ünli stated that she could not eat with 1 TL remaining on her meal card and committed suicide by sharing “I have nowhere to go, in a life worth living”. It is the 18-year AKP government and patriarchal-capitalism that devaluates the future of a 20-year-old woman. Under AKP’s 18-year rule, Erdogan’s “project of raising a vindictive and devout generation” has created a rotten society, a youth whose future has been destroyed. Schools and student dormitories have been handed over to rapist foundations, jihadist sects, and the curriculum is built on fascism and creating a youth that adheres to the palace. In the education system, which is commercialized under the AKP government, which is not blessed except money, the school, which cannot share the poor children, and the food that does not renew, falls. At the same time, education in mother tongue, assimilation, denial and destruction for Kurds, Armenians and Alevis has become a part of education in a uniform system. In this system, twice as much slavery is imposed on the share of young women.

In state and private student dormitories, in the institutions of foundations such as AKP-supported Ensar and Türgev, harassment and rape attacks against female students have reached their peak. Everything from meals, beds, shelter, warming, drinking water to dormitory fees has turned into a humiliation for poor students in dormitories without human living conditions.

If anyone in the AKP government is curious about the social future of “Women”, let’s look at ISIS gangs, the regional partner of Erdogan.

If anyone in the AKP government is curious about the social future of “Youth”, let’s look at the queues, those who die and fall from construction while working for school money, the poor who put their body on fire by saying “I am hungry” in front of the governor, and university students who commit suicide.

Those who are curious about the future of Kürdun, Armenia and Alev in the AKP government, should look at the cargo bag sent to a mother, Hrant lying face down on the ground, Madımak evacuations.

We, as KBDH Militia, invite all women to meet under the banner of the Women’s Liberation and fight at the forefront.