KBDH Militia: Bomb and Armed Action Against Armored Police Vehicle in Mersin

Published February 11, 2021

KBDH Militia: Bomb and Armed Action Against Armored Police Vehicle in Mersin

On February 8, 2021, around 23:00, the scorpion-type armored police vehicle was targeted by our KBDH militia forces, which was patrolling in the Tarsus Alibeyli neighborhood of Mersin, and then it was fired on with long-barreled weapons. While the losses of fascist law enforcement could not be clarified, it was observed that a large number of ambulances and armored vehicles entered the scene. Our forces have moved away from the field of action without loss.

AKP-MHP fascism is preparing for new conspiracies on the anniversary of the February 15 international conspiracy. For 22 years, those who have arisen from the line of struggle of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ă–calan and enlightened people, are now trying to deepen the international conspiracy by starting invasion operations in the Medya Defense Areas and to destroy the Kurdish people altogether with new conspiracies.

Our response to the fascist government, which thinks that it will silence the growing resistance voices by invading the Gare region in the Medya Defense Zones, will be the joint struggle practice of the Kurdish and Turkish peoples. Today, the growing freedom struggle will achieve victory with the guerrillas in the mountains, with our militia forces in the streets, and the masses in the squares. The colonialist-occupying fascist power will lose to our combined revolutionary forces.

As the KBDH Militia, we announce once again with this action: The stance of the activists “you cannot darken our sun” is our clear line against occupation and fascism. We will once again break the chemistry of fascism in this line of resistance, which breaks the routine of those who make the international conspiracy. Conspiracies have not ripped us, they will not. United women’s resistance will overthrow fascism!

From: http://www.hbdh-online.org/kbdh-milisleri-mersinde-zirhli-polis-aracina-bombali-ve-silahli-eylem/