KBDH Evrim Iron Militia: Truck Belonging to the AKP's Contractors Destroyed

Published February 12, 2021

KBDH Evrim Iron Militia: Truck Belonging to the AKP's Contractors Destroyed

On February 11, 2021, at around 00:30 at the entrance of the Istanbul Arnavutköy Metro construction site, a truck belonging to one of the companies conducting the government’s construction tenders was set on fire and destroyed.

In Turkey, where the poor are tested with hunger, under the fascist imposition, no one should think that under the fascist imposition where the international conspiracy and genocide politics have been shattered by burning their bodies against the imposition of colonialism in Kurdistan, no one should think that this order will continue like this, they can continue their trade and politics.

Covering the “terrorist” curtain over colonialism, power returns to the wheel of exploitation by the enemy to Turkey laborers Kurdish people, Turkish people who do not swear allegiance to fascism, by declaring the laborer, woman and student “terrorist”, it revealed who the common enemy of the two peoples really is. The way of salvation and an end to fascism Erdogan of Turkey is going through a united struggle of the people of Kurdish laborers.

At the age of 18, Eylem Demir, who set the body on fire in the garden of her house against colonialism and became immortal as a result of the action she carried out, stated in her note “We do not want the right to sing and play in Kurdish, but to govern ourselves. Let this be known. Now they destroy the PKK movement. They serve the war for another 30 years with the statement ‘We will liquidate.’ Me and others after me do not accept this. We will rise up again, even for 70 years. I am not a separatist, nor a terrorist, I am a Kurd. Under the name of separatism, the Turkish people are frightened and an empire of fear is built. AKP and MHP are using this very clearly. All of us must understand … the people of Turkey the Kurdish people lost their sons in battle Leader Apo peoples of Turkey, all our precious mothers and fathers and all the guerrillas, especially in Amed and greet the people of Hakkari full lap.”

This call is one of the reasons for the existence of KBDH. Today, Turkey revolutionaries, workers, women, integrated with the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people is to walk to the victory of the united revolution.