KBDH Amara Ronahi Revenge Militia: Bomb Action Against Police in Mersin

Published November 26, 2020

KBDH Amara Ronahi Revenge Militia: Bomb Action Against Police in Mersin

On November 24, 2020, at 22:00, an action was carried out against the police and guards of fascism’s law enforcement officers, who gathered in Mersin Akdeniz Hal Mahallesi 6055 street. After the violent explosion, it was observed that many ambulances entered and carried the injured. While the number of dead or injured has not been clarified, our units have left the field safely.

Our action is the act of punishing the fascist government, the producer of patriarchal capitalism, and its abusive-rapist police force for the crimes they committed against women on the occasion of the November 25 Day of Combating Violence Against Women.

We experience every day that the male-dominated state and patriarchal capitalism organize male solidarity against women who do not obey them, rape brotherhood against women, and brotherhood of massacre. As the strongest representative of resistance to male domination, we will raise the united struggle of women against the misogynist policies and attacks of AKP-MHP fascism. The patriarchal, male-dominated fascist power and its police, military, judiciary and media are enemies of women. You should know that everyone who stands against women’s freedom struggle is also our enemy. The only language understood by rapists, harassers and fatwa of slaughter of women is the language of the armed action of KBDH.

Today, we greet our sisters and women comrades who take to the streets in Istanbul, Ankara, Amed, Rojava, and fight against the male state. On this basis, we respond to the call to give strength to the revolutionary mobilization movement, “The Women’s Freedom Struggle Will Win, Fascism Will Be Destroyed.”

Finally, our action was organized in memory of Amara Ronahi and Eylem Ma├žo, two of our female commanders who were immortalized in the resistance against invading fascist forces in Amed on October 3, 2020.

Long Live the United Armed Struggle of Women

KBDH Amara Ronahi Vengeance Militia

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