Juneteenth Letter from Rikers Island by TRex Da Hurk

Published July 6, 2021

Juneteenth Letter from Rikers Island by TRex Da Hurk


Juneteenth (Poetry)

You ain’t gotta be in jail to be doing time. If I wasn’t in jail, probably be doing crime. Hate waking up going to that 9 to 5. That’s better than being locked up doing a 3 to 9. I know dudes mentally locked up all the time. I know dudes physically locked up who free their mind. Nas said “the world is yours.” I feel the world is mine. You take your half, I take my half. We’re one if we combine. They called us niggers, called us Thugs, but I won’t be defined. The Race is to make it to the finish line of colorblind, sun, stars, or the moon, the world could see my shine. We all the same but everybody so one of a kind. It don’t matter where you from, know it’s where you at. And a struggle is a struggle, some white, some Black. World went through a pandemic, barely noticed that. I’m trying to stimulate my mind, send the stimulus check. The Klan rushed the White House, and police still a threat. We went to war for this freedom, and still gets no respect. Black Wall Street memories is all that’s left. They burned it down, but we’re rebuilding, take it step by step. Black Lives Matter secret quiet as kept. Lost people, guess you ain’t read the Bible yet. Koran says it all. I read the the Holy scriptures, tired of obituary of young holy niggas. Live in peace… Happy Juneteenth

T. Harry

TRex Da Hurk

Peace and Love to All. May GOD continue to bless the world with the breath of life. I pray family, friends and all your Loved Ones are doing well in good spirit and health during these epic times. Today is a new day my brothers and sisters. What we have witnessed over the past 17 months is the thin line between life and death. Cherish the moments, enjoy the company and accept the Love, because tomorrow’s not promised to no one. May GOD Bless us All.

This letter is to inform the outside world of the life on the inside. I am currently incarcerated, and have been for the past 4 years awaiting trial, held on Rikers Island. This isn’t my first Rodeo, but surely my last, and from the things I’ve seen in here, jail has become a lucrative business operated from the inside out. I say that because once you get in here, they’ve made it hard to get out. This is the institutional society outside of society.

New charges are the norm in here. Slashings, gang assaults, assaults on staff are all reasons to extend a prisoner’s jail sentence, and likely lead to you doing a bid even if you don’t have to do a bid. Meaning, you can be found not guilty for your initial case, but all the time you were held, and more, may be counted towards the jail charge you caught while fighting the case you actually got arrested for. CRAZY! Yeah man, I know, I’m a victim of circumstance.

Rikers Island has also promoted segregation. Prisoners are housed on a ethnic, race, affiliation basis. Meaning Blacks with Blacks, Spanish with Spanish, Crips with Crips, Bloods, with Bloods, so on and so forth. The population has been narrowed down to 50 prisoners per housing area, with no interaction beyond the 50 you’re housed with. This strategy has caused big problems. Now, brothers are banging (as they call it) on each other because they assume your housing area is this or that. A whole bunch of foolishness. Young brothers with no guidance trying to gain a reputation by doing senseless shit, cutting and gang assaulting their own and others for no reason. SAD but reality.


Rikers Island is under federal investigation. Many of our brothers are catching Fed cases due to phone conversations. Brothers are getting on recorded phone calls doing the most. Talking about their cases, making transactions, even worse, threatening people. Some don’t know what they’re doing, others just don’t care. Secret indictments have kept brothers in this place, and have incriminated brothers in the streets, leading to multiple arrests. Saying people’s names, their involvement, or even their location is considered information credible enough to indict a person linked to criminal activity. The system is designed to keep the criminal a criminal. FACTS! Don’t become a victim.


Message to you all on the outside: STAY OUT THERE. It’s terrible in here. Think I’m bullshitting, don’t take this advice, slip up. They got 3 meals and a cot waiting just for you. Awake Brothers, Awake Sisters. Rikers Island has been here before most of us that’s been through the system more than once. Why do we keep coming back? Crime. We don’t like freedom? Let me guess, you’re somebody in here? Whatever the reason, know who’s in charge of making the decision. YOU! So don’t blame the white man, don’t blame your mother or father (especially if you’re of age). Know what you do, and know who doing it: You. NO excuse to have excuses when you are to blame. I say that to say, we do this shit to ourselves. The system was structured for us before us. We chose to be criminals.

If I had another chance to start from the beginning I would have went to school, I would have got a 9 to 5. I wouldn’t have lived the street life. Sometimes we gotta go through it. The sayin goes “if you know better you’d do better.” There’s no more time for would have, could have, should have. You must do what you know is right. Don’t destroy your life, be strong and fight. You will make it through the struggles.

Raise your children or the system will, and I don’t mean the street, that’s death. I’m talking jail. Sending my Love from Rikers Island (Cell-36) (OBCC - 2 South West). It’s real, Yours Truly,


Terrance Harry

B/C # 8951800059

Peace + Love

Received by email.