Israeli Occupation Soldier Killed in Operation for Palestinian Resistance

Published August 8, 2019


On the night of August 7 to 8, 2019, a soldier of the Israeli occupation was kidnapped and stabbed to death. It appears that he was captured for an exchange with prisoners; the action has not yet been claimed. His body was found at the entrance to the Zionist settlement Mogdal Oz in the occupied West Bank. The assassinated occupier was named Dvir Shorik, a soldier and ultra-Zionist activist who was provocative in marching on the forecourt of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Al Quds-Jerusalem. His grandfather had also been killed by the Palestinian Resistance in Nablus in 2000.

Since the operation, the Zionist state has been on alert and is turning the West Bank into a closed military zone with the deployment of the Israeli army and the establishment of checkpoints to organize a real manhunt against the Palestinians who took part in this operation.

All Palestinian Resistance organizations hailed a “heroic operation.” In a statement released today, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claims that this operation was “the natural response to the existence of the occupation, because it proves once again that resistance in all its forms, especially armed, in the West Bank is the most efficient and strategic step to sweep the colonies from our territory.” The PFLP felt that “the implementation of this operation […] has important implications and sends an important message to the leaders of the occupation, that the resistance is present and capable […] to thwart all efforts aimed at adaptation of West Bank areas.” The PFLP concluded their statement by saying “neither a settler nor a colony nor a Zionist soldier is safe in any part of Palestine.”