Iraqi Protesters Siege US Embassy 'Chanting Death To America'

Published December 31, 2019

Iraqi Protesters Siege US Embassy 'Chanting Death To America'

Hundreds of protesters surrounded the United States embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday to demand an end to US the occupation of the country, and the ruthless attacks the US commits regularly.

The crowds chanted, “Down, Down USA,” and “Death to America,” calling for the immediate withdrawal of the US.

Tuesday’s rally was completely distinct from the recent, months-long protest movement which has seen tens of thousands of Iraqis demonstrate against the political establishment.

Most at the US embassy were dressed in army fatigues as they gathered around the heavily fortified embassy in the Green Zone, where government buildings and foreign embassies in Baghdad are based.

Within hours, dozens had broken into the embassy compound after smashing a main door and setting fire to the reception area.

On Sunday US occupation forces killed 25 members of a local militia and wounded 51 people from a drone strike.

The US claims it launched the air attacks in retaliation to a rocket attack on Friday near Kirkuk - a raid that killed an American civilian contractor.

But the US has been exceedingly belligerent in the region and while its power is waning the state s becoming increasingly erratic and violent.

The escalation in the Iraqi capital comes on the heels of months-long anti-government protests that have gripped Baghdad and Iraq’s south since early October, with demonstrators calling for basic services, employment opportunities and an end to corruption.

The protesters’ calls quickly developed into demands for a complete overhaul of the political system, which they view as corrupt and sectarian.

At least 470 protesters have been killed and more than 20,000 others were injured in a crackdown on the movement.

The US announced they intend to send 750 soldiers to the Middle East and aggressively flew Apache attack helicopters over the crowds to intimidate people.

If the conflict continues to escalate the US may get bogged down in another insurgency, hopefully, putting an end to the US involvement in the country, and maybe forcing them out of Syria as well.