Iran: Announcement of New Revolutionary Formation

Published April 14, 2019

Iran: Announcement of New Revolutionary Formation


Invitation to Co-ordination and Cooperation to Overthrow the Islamic State of Iran. In view of the fact that:

•The Islamic fascist regime in Iran quite correctly considers the progressive/Libertarian and left wings movements as one of its most active enemies, and did/do execute, imprison and torture our comrades.

On the other hand, right-wing ringleaders from all sides, and with the racist propaganda and the prospect of the continuation of the tyranny cycle, suppress any voice of freedom, equality and fairness, through their mass media.

•This common pain will never be healed without organization, coalition, synergy and harmony. We should learn from the Spanish Civil War experience where Left blocs and the Republicans formed alliance as a campaign plan, in accordance with the specific circumstances of Iran and its political forces, to coordinate the fight for Freedom, Fairness and Equality. Another example that can be mentioned is the community of Rojava’s popular democratic autonomy, which has been able to coordinate various political tendencies from all over the world to combat the tyrannical regimes of the region. Thus, it is possible to create a network of pioneers of a variety of political movements with libertarian, equality and fairness tendencies, including women movements, farmers, workers, students and other progressive radicals that aims to overthrow The Islamic Regime of Iran under the umbrella of the United Front for Freedom, Fairness and Equality. Hereby by publishing this statement, as a group of individuals and political groups, we take the first step in founding this “United Front”, and we invite you to join us in this battle against the “Islamic Republic of Iran”.

Long live #Freedom #Fairness #Equality #Solidarity

(via Asranarshism)