Indonesian Soldier Killed by Guerrilla Ambush in West Papua

Published May 17, 2019

West Papua

On May 13, an Indonesian soldier was killed in an ambush by West Papuan guerrillas.

The guerrilla attack took place in Mugi in the Nduga district where the colonizing Indonesian state is attempting to construct the 4,600 kilometers Trans-Papua Highway project and 16 bridges.

Twelve soldiers were suddenly ambushed by the rebels when they were guarding the construction of a bridge.

West Papuan insurgents have been increasingly effective in guerrilla warfare tactics against the Indonesian state, a colonial occupation force in West Papua since the early 1960s.

Last month three Indonesian soldiers were killed in a guerrilla ambush in the Nduga district.

The Indonesian military has recently deployed a total of 600 soldiers, consisting of 150 combat engineers, to help complete the construction work. This is a military invasion for the purpose of counterinsurgency by the Indonesian regime.

Armed insurgents will continue attacks on the construction of the highway, and the police and military who guard it.