Indigenous Voice in Resistance: Solidarity Against Forced Displacement in Chavajebal, Chiapas

Published November 20, 2018

Solidarity Against Forced Displacement in Chavajebal, Chiapas

This letter comes from the imprisoned Indigenous organizing group The Indigenous Voice in Resistance, and demands justice for the displaced peoples in Chavajebal, Chiapas.

CERESO Nº5, San Cristobal de las Casas November 20th, 2018

Communique of the organization of Indigenous prisoners in struggle, The Indigenous Voice in Resistance, Adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle of the EZLN

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation To the Network Against Repression and For Solidarity To the Independent Organizations To the People of Mexico and the World

For centuries, we have been poorly treated, discriminated against by the bad governments as Indigenous peoples. They have treated us as as animals. They do what they want because to the three levels of government, we are a rock in their path. Thus, they search for a way to quiet us. As a result, many compañerxs are unjustly imprisoned and have been killed, as well as forcefully disappeared. A clear example. The massacre in Acteal in 1997, where there were approximately 47 killed, among them men, women and children. Also, the case of the 43 normalistas of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. There are many more damages that the bad government has caused. This past November 7th, the population of Chavajebal in the municipality of El Bosque, were forcefully displaced during the night. There were 1764 people in total.

Enough already with so much injustice. Where do these gad governors think they are going? We want to show our solidarity in the demand for justice and we will not give up the fight against what is destroying us. You are not alone compañerxs of Chavajebal. We are with you and we demand immediate justice. Your rights were violated and the bad municipal, state and federal governments left you in total pain and sadness. End the aggression. Justice for our compañerxs that were displaced. We know that with the unity of the Mexican people, we are more resistant to whatever attack the bad government comes at us with.

At the same time, we invite all of the national and international independent organizations to continue demanding true justice and freedom for all of the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience of the world.

Uniting our voices and forces amongst the peoples of Mexico, we will triumph for true justice.


Adrián Gómez Jiménez Alfredo Gomez Lopez Juan de la Cruz Ruiz